'The Boys of Rock and Roll'

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The musicians performing on The Boys of Rock and Roll are made up of friends, associates and fans of the late Pete Ham and Tommy Evans of Badfinger. This group of musicians got together both in studio and via internet global connection to record the song with profits to go to Suicide Prevention.
Featured from UK, are Brian Breeze, Dai Jenkins and Ron Griffiths. It has been over 40 years since Ron and Dai have appeared together on the same recorded track. Both had been original members of the Swansea band The Iveys. Also along is an old mate of Pete’s, Brian Breeze. Brian although never in the same band with Pete, shared many dates performing with his band on the same bill.
Featured from the USA are former Johnny Winter associate, Jon Paris, who has played and worked with such artists as Les Paul, Jack Bruce, Buddy Miles to name a few.

From the Northeast Corridor we get guitarist Dave Gasell from New Jersey, and drummer Steve Craiter originally from Philadelphia. Steve has been associated with Badfinger since 1971, and was a good friend of Pete and Tom. He has toured with Joey as part of The Spareparts. Rounding out the root band in Florida is another New Jersey native, Kenny V currently from West Palm Beach. Dave and Steve had worked together in Bob’s Band. Kenny V has been associated with Steve since 1994 when both played in Stagefright. Another old friend and musician Mike Sacher, originally from New Jersey, who was on vacation in Florida, was invited to sit in on harmonica.

Ron Griffiths, being the only bass player played the entire track. Guitarists were assigned 12 bars at the end of the song. Luck and a mistake gave Dai not only his 12 bar solo at the end, but he also filled the spot which was originally assigned for keyboards.
Numerous other musicians were asked to participate. All but one stated they would love to be a part of the project, but unfortunately scheduling conflicts restricted the addition of their talents.

Pulling all of this together is the voice of Neville Chesters who acted as the Ring Master or MC. He was the first road manager for The Who, CREAM, Jimi Hendrix and worked at Apple Corp under Peter Asher. He ran the rehearsal rooms as well as the cutting lath for acetates. Neville, while in poor health, took time to add all the introductions and to take part in the project. He was last heard on The Who song, ‘I Need You’, which was recorded around 1965

Kevin Barber manned the controls as engineer at Skile Recording Studios in North Port Florida. Kevin is credited with putting together this global ensemble of bits and pieces and turning it into what you have in your possession.
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