The Boys of Rock and Roll Project Update:

Due to all the BS that has been put out on various Facebook pages and due to having my credibility come into question, I have taken the liberty to shut down the availability of the charity single.
I have also removed myself from many associated Facebook pages as well as deleted 'Friends' who I don't know.

Unlike others, I have a life. I don't have time to sit around and monitor sites to see what's being said.

For the convenience of some, I am posting a statement sheet from CD Baby showing the amount made by this charity singe.

NO monies have gone to the charity as a $40.00 cash out of pocket expense has not yet been satisfied. (You can see the TOTAL REVENUE is $23.21, Still short $16.79)

I was sent £12, the profit from the sale of T-Shirts, which will be sent along to Suicide Prevention straight away.

Those wishing to get a copy of this charity track can do so by contacting a friend who has it and make a copy.

The Boys project is now CLOSED!




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